Friday, November 13, 2009

Blue and white, and everything in between 11/12/09

Yesterday Chinese history class was cancelled so that we could go to a blue and white factory today With Professor Yu.  This was the first time I took the bus here, it was not quite as fun as a taxi ride, and surely not as much fun as a bike ride, but it was fun none the less. 
We had a fun time goofing around, looking, and learning at the factory.

At the factory they make reproductions of ancient blue and white, and overglaze pots.  On the premises they have throwers, trimmers, a huge room full of painters, kilns, a showroom to sell everything, and a museum of ancient pots and shards. 
 Everyone of the people involved in the processes here are so skilled, it is amazing.

Pizza Delivery 11/11/09

The days are getting a bit cooler, and by a bit cooler I mean cold.  Everyone is busting out their winter gear - gloves, hats, socks, and jackets.
Today we had a delivery of clay.  The porcelain is about 500 yuan per ton, that is around 50 dollars for a large pile of beautiful clay.  I am going to see if they deliver to the States.

Now its just another rainy day 11/10/09

Today was the first day of real rain that we have received since we arrived in China a few months ago.  Man did it rain, it was so fun to hear the thunder and watch the rain pouring down.  The rain energized the studio, and since we had no where to go we kicked studio butt all day, while enjoying the rain outside.
Do not worry, of course I brought my bike inside.

More goodies 11/09/09

We opened the gas kiln today and received all of our hard earned pots.  Opening the kiln is a great activity, because we all stand around passing the pots - looking and discussing.  There are always a few gems that come out of each kiln, and this kiln had a quite a bit of them. 

Jay (bird), is a professor from Rhode Island and has brought a great energy to our studio. 

Lao Fang is our gate man.  He lives near the studio and sells us drinks.  Every once in a while he makes something and then fires it.  Since he only has a few pieces, he is so proud of them.

Ancient Kiln Museum 11/08/09

A group of us took an ever exciting taxi ride to an ancient kiln site.  The place turned out to be more like an ancient pottery village.  The village dated sung dynasty times, and within the walls where old houses, work stations for every type of ceramic creation possible, and a massive kiln.  
I would imagine that the kiln could fit 9 - 12 full size cars ( when did I start using cars as a unit of measure I have no idea ).

Soda Fire - round 3 11/07/09

Another soda fire is underway.  We have so much fun sitting around the kiln talking and not.  Sometimes you get a few moments by yourself with a roaring kiln in the background - magic, and sometimes you are hanging with your pals and a roaring kiln in the background - magic.

The night time firings are so fun because the kiln seems so alive and powerful.
One super rocking campfire. - good luck with marshmallows.

Buddies, Pals, Friends, Companions 11/06/09

We are friends.  All around the studio I have been watching and living growing friendships.   There are great things happening here in the way of interactions, discussions, and getting to know one another.  Some of the relationships are rocky, but there is always an underlying trying to make things work, which I think is such a great happening - trying.

Lately I have been thinking about how much we mean to one another, how much we learn and give to one another. - how much we become each other.